1. Regional leader in Supply Chain Management

Everyone wants to be part of something bigger. With networks and subsidiaries spread across Eastern Africa, Middle East, China and Europe, we pride ourself as a leader in provision of excellent and distinctive integrated logistics services ranging from shipping, global forwarding, logistics, warehousing and much more.

Our customer centricity has given us an edge as a distinct solution provider.

Ability to be part of a company that is responsible and committed to making a positive impact in our communities

Excellence is synonymous to us in everything we do. We believe in powering our customers to be market leaders in their industries; we give back to the community through our CSR activities focused on education. Through this we assist in developing shipping professionals for the future whilst imparting sought after skills and values to new graduates joining our industry every year.

World-class learning and Continuous Professional Development

At ESL everyone has the opportunity to create a successful career. Our employees are the most valuable resource. Our success depends on each employee; therefore developing them brings the best in them and the company.

  1. Ability to grow

With operations in three countries coupled with expansion plan and global networks, the growth opportunities within the company are boundless.

  • Our unique brand, culture and people

We are a strong, respected, attractive and admired brand. It has taken us years to build, shape and sustain our brand and it represents a sum of all personal brands of our employees. Our people are passionate about their work and are driven by God fearing culture based on teamwork and innovation. Our people are dedicated to live our corporate values.

  1. We have a plan!

We have a plan entrenched in our strategic journey, elaborating how each employee can contribute in its implementation and realization. Our employees are ingrained in our success story.